Nikki's the Best!

For the first time in many years I’m actually happy with my Hair!

I really do not recall when I began experiencing the wonders of Nikki’s Hair Salon – but it was at least 20 years ago. I actually followed a stylist there because I liked the way he cut my hair. He moved on but I stayed because Nikki was so fantastic at the same art.

Thank you for keeping me in good shape – it not top to toe – at least on TOP.

Barbra – Glenwood

I have been to many salons looking for the right Hairstylist doing endless searching on the internet for reviews on the best salons only to come up short. I have had my hair colored and cut by other salons and was disappointed in one way or another. My hair seams to take on a life of its own and each stylist I went to only made my hair look worse. Nikki changed all that…Shes Great!

Cathy – Rifle

Thanks so much for fixing my issue so quickly, I would just like to say that you provided such amazing customer service/ support to date it has really blown me away (it is very rare in business today)

Pam – Rifle

The cut Nicole provided, with your guidance was perfect, even after washing and minimal prep on my part. Since it can be 8 weeks between cuts sometimes is there anything I can tell her about the cut to remind her what was done ? (Other salons have tended not to repeat the first cut unless it was written down.) it is just the perfect cut for me!! Thank you so much! Good to see you again.